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ProtoBlock Dual Sallen-Key Filter (p/n 970502)

Price: $10.95
Item Number: 970502


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The BrownDog Dual Sallen-Key filter circuit is a printed circuit board on which two complete and independent two-pole filters can be constructed from surface mount components using the Sallen-Key topology. Pads for resistor and capacitor chip components will accommodate either 0805 or 1206 size devices. Because the performance of Sallen-Key filters can be sensitive to component value variations, dual sets of chip component pads connected in parallel are provided on both sides of the board for each filter element; these allow the user to trim to the required values. Using an SO8 dual op-amp with industry standard pinouts (available from many manufacturers), two independent two-pole filters can be fabricated to realize low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass configurations. The filter circuits can be cascaded for higher order responses. The Sallen-Key topology allows the use of current feedback op-amps for high frequency designs.

Power supply decoupling capacitor pads are provided and most of the reverse side of the board serves as a ground plane. The circuit's compact size allows it to be plugged in a 24 pin DIP IC socket (0.600" wide) or any solderless prototyping board.


  • Two independent two-pole Sallen-Key filter circuits; can be cascaded with external connection
  • Accommodates either 0805 or 1206 chip components
  • Uses dual SO8 op-amp IC with industry standard pinout
  • Dual parallel sets of pads for filter element components to allow easy trimming
  • Power supply decoupling capacitor pads provided
  • Ground plane on reverse side
  • Same footprint as 0.600" wide 24 pin DIP IC
  • Can be used as a generic prototyping adapter for any SO8 IC
  • Can be provided with solder tail pins (0.018" diam) or no pins
  • Great for IC evaluation
  • Downloadfilter circuit schematic:  970502sch.pdf
  • DownloadTexas Instruments Application Report: "Analysis of Sallen-Key Architecture"

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