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ProtoBlock Amplifier Circuit (p/n 970501)

Price: $6.95
Item Number: 970501


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The BrownDog Amplifier circuit is a double-sided printed circuit board on which a complete amplifier circuit, either inverting or non-inverting, can be constructed from surface mount components. Pads for resistor and capacitor chip components will accommodate either 0805 or 1206 size devices. Dual sets of chip component pads connected in parallel are provided on both sides of the board for the feedback elements to allow the user to easily trim to the required values. Any single op-amp in an SO8 package with standard pinout will work in this circuit. This circuit can also be used as a generic adapter for any SO8 IC package.

Power supply decoupling capacitor pads are also included. The circuit's compact size allows it to be plugged into a 0.300" wide 20-pin IC socket or any solderless prototyping board.


    • Can be configured for inverting or non-inverting operation
    • Paralleled component pads in feedback loop
    • Pads provided for power supply decoupling capacitors
    • Ground plane on reverse side
    • Same footprint as 0.300" wide 20 pin DIP IC
    • Can be used as a generic prototyping adapter for any SO8 IC
    • Great for IC evaluation
  • Download amplifier circuit schematic: 970501sch.pdf



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