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Dual Op-Amp SMT to DIP Adapter with Rotated Pinout (p/n 020701)

Price: $3.50
Item Number: 020701


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Some op-amps have a non-standard "rotated" pinout in their SO SMT version, but have a standard pinout in their DIP version.
Examples include:

OP220 OP727 OP249

This adapter makes the SMT device useable in the standard pinout DIP footprint.


  • 0.400" x 0.400" x 0.048" adapter board, FR-4 laminate, 1 oz. copper
  • Base adapter pin options: No pins installed (part # 020701N) or 0.018" diameter solder tail pins installed (part # 020701S)
  • Pins on 0.1" grid pattern
  • 0.050" SO8 SMT pin pitch
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