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BrownDog Electronic Component Adapters

BrownDog offers a variety of electronic component adapters, including:

Surface Mount (SMT) Adapters - Semiconductor manufacturers are continually introducing new components only offered in surface mount packages; these components are typically very small and difficult to incorporate into prototype circuits. Moreover, manufacturers are making DIP packages obsolete at an ever increasing rate, making continued support and maintenance of legacy systems a difficult proposition. Our adapters provide a solution to both of these problems; they are small circuit boards that allow easy mounting of SMT components and bring connections out to terminals on 0.1" grid centers. They can then be plugged into most standard prototyping boards including solderless breadboards, IC sockets, and wire-wrap panels.

Through-Hole Adapters - Adapt through-hole components to alternate through-hole footprints.

ProtoBlock™ Circuits - These are specialty circuit boards that allow the user to construct compact and complete functional circuit building blocks such as amplifiers and filters using surface mount components. As with all our adapters, input, output, and power terminals are on 0.1" center grid points, and can be plugged into standard prototyping boards or IC sockets .

Custom Adapter Arrays for SMT Assembly - We also manufacture custom adapter arrays for automated surface mount assembly.


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